Most counties no longer install water and sewer facilities in new subdivisions. Therefore, the developer must install and pay for the water and sewer infrastructure that serves a new neighborhood. The assessment or charge is intended to allow the developer to recoup all, or a portion, of this cost over a period of years rather than in a lump sum, which would have substantially increased the cost of your home.

No, your quarterly water bill pays for the quantity of water and sewer consumed.

The assessment is a legal and enforceable charge, just as homeowner association dues and condominium fees. If an assessment is not paid, the utility company has several legal remedies available. One of these remedies is to establish a lien against your property pursuant to the Maryland Contract Lien Act.

You, as the owner of your home, are responsible for paying the assessment. However, your mortgage company may have established an escrow account for the charges. You should contact them to confirm if an escrow has been established to pay this assessment. You will continue to receive a statement even if the charge is paid through your escrow. Please remember however that, as the property owner, you are ultimately responsible for the payment of the charges.

Your title company should have disclosed this to you when you purchased your home. If this is NOT the case with your property, please contact your title company.

A copy of the recorded Declaration establishing the Assessment can be found in the Maryland Land Records. The Declaration was recorded against the property prior to your home being sold to its original owner.

You may pay by check or money order via mail. You can make payments through your bank checking account via online billpay. You may also pay by electronic check or debit/credit card through our website. Website payments are limited to $2,000 and processing fees apply. Full pay-offs (see “Can I prepay?”) are not accepted through the website.

Please refer to your statement for the company that services your property. A current listing of properties are listed on the utility company page.

Yes. You are always welcome to send in payments ahead of time to be credited to your account for the next billing cycle. You have the right to pay this assessment in full for the amount equal to the present value at a discounted rate.

If you pay off the assessment in full, you will receive a discount on all remaining assessments beyond 12 months. A release of your lot from the declaration will be submitted to Maryland land records and a recorded copy will be forwarded to you by our attorney. Please allow six months for this to process. Once this assessment has been paid in full, should you sell your home, no refund will be issued. However, you will have a resale advantage over neighboring homes which are still subject to the assessment.