Homeowners are responsible for the payment of the assessment annually as long as they own the home. A statement reflecting your annual assessment due should be mailed to you approximately 30 days prior to the due date. However, failure to receive a statement does not affect the obligation to pay the assessment due pursuant to the declaration. Homeowners should receive a statement monthly until the assessment is paid and that payment will be reflected in the statement. Any homeowner with a balance of less than $20 will not receive a statement until 30 days before the next annual assessment is due. Interest and attorney fees will be applied to past due balances. In addition, a lien can be placed on any property for which the annual assessment remains unpaid.

See Sample Bill

Every homeowner has the right to prepay the assessment in full at any time and be relieved of any further obligations pursuant to the declaration. If you chose to prepay, all future annual assessments will be discounted to present value, using a discounted rate. Please contact us via phone or email for a pay-off amount.

Please refer to our Frequently Asked Questions page for more information on statements, how to pay, prepayment and other common questions.